SG votes 2020

The SG 2020 election results are out. The outcome is a historic victory for the Worker's Party, claiming one SMC and two GRCs. In a certain way, this election might be considered as a "defeat" to the PAP. Popular vote fell closed to all time lows of nearing 60%.

There is some soul searching to be done for the ruling party. As voters becomes more educated, the current ways of reaching out to them have not worked well. Top down approaches are definitely outdated. Advanced concepts like civil liberties are increasingly valued. There can be more patience, respect and opportunities for the opponents with the necessary qualities and calibre.

The current dominant party system confers an advantage of pushing key policies that works, more efficiently. The disadvantage is the unchallenged nature of passing bills advantageous to perpetuate the system. As the country's democracy matures, perhaps the natural evolution is to lean towards having a two or multi-party system where by we get the largest proportion of representations for the people in parliament to have their voices heard.

As expectations of the populace are constantly growing, doing well in the past doesn't mean a guaranteed ticket for the future. The current issues, whatever is the reality or the perceived may need to be addressed first. Unfortunately, as we take on the immediate problems, sometimes we may have to compromised by shifting a little focus away from longer term and important survival goals. Perhaps, future problems are meant for our future generations to overcome themselves and we have to trust them to do so.

As the elections dust settles, let all parties political or otherwise, unite again for the good of this country.


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